Top Episodes from New Shows: Week of 11/18/13

1. Week 4 Storylines

We catch you up on all you may have missed. Should you add Terrence Jones? Is Bradley Beal better than Dwyane Wade? Is Andrew Bynum overowned? ... With injuries to Deron Williams, Raymond Felton and Jimmy Butler we give you replacement options ... A look at the Most Added and Most Dropped players ...

2. Obamacare. DREAMers. Escaping the fever swamp.

As seen by denizens of the far-right fever swamps of American politics, Obamacare is a terrifying nightmare—a nightmare Ben accidentally discovers on his way to the office. After a swashbuckling escape, he's joined by MoveOn's Garlin for the second, world-traversing Win Report; executive producer Laurenellen McCann for an inaugural Review Review Revue, featuring and the first-ever awarding of the Good Fight Golden Slingshot; and then, for our epic story of the week, immigrant rights champion Prerna Lal.

3. Eli Yudin

Doug sits down with Eli Yudin to talk IBS, onesies and bath emergencies and the world's most magical bean.

4. Jesse Ventura

Tony talks this week with former governor Jesse Ventura about conspiracy theories, JFK's assassination, and current events in America today. Tune in for a special solutions segment as well!

5. A Fear To Remember: Light-activated Memories

Ever wished you could change a a mouse? In this episode, we find out what a memory looks like and how it can be altered in the lab using a novel technology known as optigenetics.

6. Kevin Sampsell

In the inaugural episode of the Monkeybicycle Podcast Kevin Sampsell reads an excerpt from his new novel, This is Between Us

7. Wheel of Fortune?

Will MATT PELLEGRIN get the chance to live out his lifelong dream to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune?

8. Jim Bruce

Stephanie Mickus sits down with LA-based comedian and writer Jim Bruce. Jim talks about his recently recorded stand-up special "I'm Dying As Fast As I Can" and it's hilariously irreverent look at life and death. The two share stories about sobriety, suicide, depression, and the difficulty of maintaining relationships. 

9. The Return of Mark Zito!

Mark and Steve return 4 years later to try and figure out how to podcast from two different locations. Steve lives in Ohio now, so that's a thing.

10. Keri Bowers: Autism Advocate

Keri Bowers is an artist, an autism advocate and activist, an art therapist, a speaker, and a filmmaker, whose oldest son, Taylor, has high-functioning autism. Keri talks the role of the arts in child development, autism and technology, and sending your kids off to college; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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