Top Episodes from New Shows: Week of 11/11/13

1. High In The Sky

In this show we have quite a few stories involving drugged up passengers; We used to have to deal with angry and crazy passengers now you add sedatives and booze to the mix and these folks are out of control! In addition to the Ambian zombies are some crabs, a possum and a very touching story from a listener named Nina.

2. Dyro and DJ Riddler

America's Electronic Dance Music Mixshow! Featuring House Music for those Who Love it as much as we do!

3. Tessa Lane - Adult Film Actress / Pornstar

Comedian Rosie Tran interviews actors, comedians, singers, politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, and other out of the box thinkers. In this episode, she talks with adult film actress and pornstar, Tessa Lane, talk about women and sex.

4. My Queen

Owen and his friend Chelsea solve the homeless problem and declare drag queens the ultimate humans.

5. Beardless Ryan, Ex Photos, Election Day

Chris Spags and Ryan Jones discuss Ryan's beard being gone, what to do with photos of your ex, and exhaustive Election Day coverage.

6. Open Sky Episode #1

Making the world healthier, one call at a time. With Rob Dionne, Jeff Meacham, and Alek Lev. In this first episode, ROB and JEFF tell their stories of health and wellness.

7. First 5 with Eleanor Kerrigan and Lexi Shoemaker

Stand-ups talk about the first five minutes of material they ever wrote!

8. Sean From I Want More Comics

We have SEAN! From I Want More Comics!!! This episode is awesome!

9. iPad Air - the final decision

Episode 002: This episode of Let's Talk iOS features an extremely diverse discussion ranging from the iPad Air, to Pinboard, to the various fitness apps and gadgets used by the guys. We also talk about how to get more out of your Mac using keyboard shortcuts, Google's new Search App update, Jeff's experience with T-Mobile, and so much more.

10. Daniel Twohig-We Were Villains

The very first episode of Joshua's show, features an interview with Daniel John Twohig of We Were Villains. Also there's an intro to the show and a brief look ahead to the things we're going to be doing in the coming months.

11. How Tony Testa Went From HS To Choreographing Janet Jackson

Our interview this week on HDC with Tony Testa is similar to the path of most choreographers in the industry today, except for one thing..... He skipped a step. Tony went from living in Colorado on 17 acres of land and a lake, to graduating high school, coming out to Los Angeles, and choreographing for Janet Jackson. Hey!!! What happened? He skipped a step! Where is the "danced on several projects" part of his story??? It doesn't exist, making his one AMAZING story of how he became a choreographer in Los Angeles right after graduating from High School. Find out more about Tony's amazing journey from High School to a successful career as a choreographer in Los Angeles.

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