Top Episodes from New Shows: Week of 10/28/13

1. Federal health exchange & NSA spying controversy

We'll get the Political Junkie's take on the fallout from federal health exchange computer problems, the NSA spying controversy and look at the chances for passing an immigration reform bill this year.

2. Keeping your PC healthy

In the news this week: Apple unveils some new products, including a pair of new iPads. Dave and Nikole discuss what's to like, and what's not to like, about these new tablets. Also, Nikole runs down the most important updates the latest patch to iOS7. This week we talk about computer maintenance -- specifically, what simple steps you should take to keep your PC and Mac healthy and running efficiently. Ever need to connect remotely to take a look at your mom's PC? No problem: Dave has a painless, free, and easy way to do that as well. We talk to Ryan and Andrea Eldridge, founders and owners or Nerds on Call, a tech support service. They give us some advice and talk about some of the more interesting tech support calls they've had to deal with. And as usual, we subject our guests to the weekly Geek Trivia Quiz. This week, Andrea and Ryan played for podcast listener Tom Miller, and the prize is Corel Paint Shop Pro X6. (You can enter to have a guest play the Quiz for you during a future episode by completing the entry form.)

3. The best fight to never happen

Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva coaching on TUF: Brazil, UFC 166 was it as great we thought it was? this weekend's best fight, Holly Holm's UFC future, and the best fight to never happened.

4. Malcolm Gladwell

The one-of-a-kind journalist who's out with a new book, DAVID AND GOLIATH.

5. Aqualibrium

This week EngineerVsDesigner sat down with one of the co-founders of the KICK-BUTT Kickstarter project that aims to bring self-sufficient farming into your living room, Mr. Josh Rittenberg of Aqualibrium. We'll talk with Josh about everything from "What's the difference between hydroponics and aquaponics?" to how he and his team came up with the idea and developed a prototype for a self-cleaning aquarium that grows food.

6. The Ketchup: Chapter One

A guy with amnesia, stranded in a survival shelter in the year 2019, tries to remember what happened by playing records

7. I Don't Live in NYC

Georgia Bird lives in Wyoming with her dog Gracie and her lumberjack boyfriend Pat. Clark Wants to be her.

8. Things get weird fast

Welcome back to another exciting episode of the Geek Legacy podcast! This week Amanda takes charge and attempts to keep us on topic. Things get weird fast when we start talking about sweaty bologna. Topics this week: The Walking Dead -- Quick recap on this week's episode "Isolation."TV News -- Dexter is coming to Netflix. Movie News -- David gets all kinds of giddy talking about Ender's Game and Catching Fire. Another Indiana Jones Movie?

9. Kristi Cirtwill and Evan Younger

In this episode of the House Flipping HQ Podcast, Kirsti Cirtwill and Evan Younger share how they got started in House Flipping, including how they first financed their properties.  They provide great advice for new real estate investors on how to learn to evaluate the cost of rehabs and their tips for making sure your properties shine above others on the market when it is time to sell.

10. Spartan Nation, October 31, 2013

On Spartan Nation, Hondo Carpenter goes across the country, talking to Managing Editor Chuck King, mLive's Nick Baumgardner, HuskerOnline's Sean Callahan and the South Bend Tribune's Al Lesar.

11. David Arquette

David Arquette, stops by the DVDASA studio to share his thoughts on the word "gangsta" and his early L.A. graffiti days in the real K.G.B. gang.

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