Top Episodes from New Shows: Week of 10/14/13

1. Redskins

The inaugural episode of the Nick Di Paolo podcast, from RiotCast


This week Dustin Nguyen is on to talk BATMAN: LI'L GOTHAM, SUPERMAN UNCHAINED and the solution to what you do with a rolled up comic book if you're wearing pants without pockets.

3. Upright Citizens Brigade Founder Matt Besser, Matt Walsh, and Ian Roberts

It’s hard to overstate the importance of the Upright Citizens Brigade to comedy in New York. In their performances, at their theaters, and in their classes, they’ve influenced a generation of performers, particularly in improv and sketch comedy. These days, Matt Besser lives in Los Angeles and hosts the podcast Improv for Humans. Matt Walsh co-stars on the HBO series Veep. After a ton of writing and performing, Ian Roberts may well be remembered as the captain of the blimp in a series of commercials that launched the Conan O’Brien show.

4. Three Solid Ways to Get Someone Who is Shy to “Open Up”

So this girl I've been seeing is drastically different from other girls I've been with in that she's very shy. Not really shy in that she's not outgoing, but in that it's sort of difficult for her to open up (We're both in college and I think this might be her first real relationship). Any ideas on how to deal with a shy partner/get them to open up?

5. U-Studio and Brand Storytelling

Turn & Burn looks for new market innovations. This episode Paul speaks with Jen Grogono, the President and CEO of Ustudio. She explains how Ustudio helps video producers of all kinds better distrubute thier content to thier audience via such platforms as Roku an Itunes. Paul and Jen discuss experiential videos and the future of telling a brand's story.

6. Diamonds Are Like People

Heigh ho, Heigh ho. It's off to work we go. Sal and Quinn take you along for their commute.

7. Wine Grape Harvest Season: To Pick or Not To Pick, That is the Question

How does a winemaker decide when grapes in the vineyard are ready to pick? Is it an art? A science? Both? Ross Andrew Mickel, Winemaker at Ross Andrew Winery takes time from his busy harvest schedule to shed light on what goes into making this crucial decision.

8. Dispelling Notions

There are several notions to dispel after this latest Republican disaster. We HAVE to do this, because many people have learned the wrong lesson about how our democracy works. You don’t “find leverage,” or else you’ll destroy the economy.

9. Wild and crazy sound arrangements under the guise of music

Conversation with my mother, hang drum, horse wisdom, Kentucky gospel recorded 25 years ago, Sasquatch tales, Shane and Shilo kid tapes, bad movies, bullies, voice changer app, Elton John, Obama on guns, and some Amazing Grace under the big oak tree at Pumpkin Run Kentucky.

10. Reissue! Repackage! Repackage!

In Episode 2 of the Unappreciated Scholars Podcast, Andy and Steven discuss some recent releases and heavy rotation items. Andy talks about the new Panic! at the Disco album. For the main event, Andy and Steven talk about various types of Deluxe Edition album. We ponder how the same guy who wrote “Reissue! Repackage! Repackage!” could possibly have turned into the very thing he once spoke out against.

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