Top Episodes from Top New Shows: Week of 9/30/13

1. Ep 02- Cigars and Wingmen

Charlie talks to Freeze Love, Dante Nero and professional wingman Thomas Edwards. Follow @CharlieMurphy @Freezluvcomedy @dantenero @URwingman and @StandupNYLabs. Visit to see when Charlie and Dante are performing live at Stand Up NY.

2. Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew sits down with Pat for a conversation about addiction, recovery, and the importance of gratitude and connecting with other people.

3. Calling Out: Love

Susan Pinsky and Gina Grad introduce you to psychic Rebecca Fearing. Comedian Loni Love also calls in, and the girls react to readings of various people in Susan and Gina's lives. As the show wraps up, the girls listen to a chilling EVP from Alcatraz.

4. Our UnPodcast Adventure Begins!

For Episode 1, our UnAdventure begins with the most valuable thing an entrepreneur can have, and ends on Jug Mountain. Just the podcast ride you’ve been waiting for. Hear what Alison thinks about a customer faking the grossest product shipment ever and who Scott thinks you should never mess with online. Other topics include: Why QR codes kill kittens What is, and is not, trademark infringement The dumbest move we’ve seen on the Internet. EVER. How to handle false accusations about your brand The importance of good reviews on your site When to walk away from a problem customer How to determine the difference between a troll and a customer with a legitimate complaint When to give a refund even if the customer is wrong How we've scared the crap out of brands Why it's important for the people handling social media to have authority to take care of a problem And so much more. . .     Items mentioned in this episode Beware of Those Who Ask for Feedback: And Other Organizational Constants Beauty and Fashion Tech Post Video of the girl who burned her hair with a curling iron Motrin Moms commercial Summer School movie trailer   Video provided by: AtomicSpark Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound

5. Summer '13

Erik McClanahan is joined by Editor-In-Chief Rodrigo Perez and Managing Editor Kevin Jagernauth for an in depth assessment of the summer movie season so far this year.

6. The Futures Options Roundtable World Premiere Episode

We've sounded the horn and assembled a team of futures options experts for your listening pleasure.

7. Scott Dooley

My guest today is the great Australian Stand Up Comic, Scott Dooley. On the eve of Dools packing up and heading off to break into the stand up scene in New York city, we talk about getting a start in radio by literally breaking in to JJJ, Robbie Buck's Raspberries, modern feminism, the perils of crossing over to commercial radio, and what he learned from hanging out with Charlie Sheen.

8. Why Are Atheists More Intelligent?

The Doubtcasters return from their ridiculously long, unannounced break to dissect the research behind the much reported headline that non-religious people are, on average, more intelligent than the religious. While the available data makes it clear that religion is negatively correlated with intelligence, the reasons behind this relationship are less clear.

9. Wine Lists

Laurie Forster, award-winning author, and guest discuss how to choose the best wine at a restaurant.

10. Convertible royalties: An alternative to the VC model

The current Silicon Valley model has one major flaw; it creates an ecosystem that asks entrepreneurs to shoot for the moon rather than build a sustainable business. Alexander Torrenegra, founder of Voice123, built his successful company a different way. Hear about the alternative.

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