Top Episodes from New Shows: Week of 10/6/13

1. Deb Perelman (Smitten Kitchen)

Special Interview with New York Times bestselling author and superstar food blogger Deb Perelman of Deb's blog is basically the gold standard for food blogs: her photography (a point of contention, as you'll hear in the podcast), her stories, her writing style and, most of all, her recipes are so top notch, they earn her millions of pageviews a month (10 million in November, according to The New York Times). What's her secret? How did she get started? Learn her secrets, and more, on today's Clean Plate Club.

2. Admissions Of Defeat

We check in with a few of our TOE regulars: Peter Choyce is one of my oldest friends and a listener favorite, but he has a secret we've never addressed until now. We also check in with our D.C. correspondent "Chris" who tells us about the NSA's desire to install backdoors in Podcasts. Also, I tell you the story about what happens when I wander into @ psychic for a late night reading. PLUS: a few extracts from 'Brand New World'

3. IOS 7 Madness, Android Widgets, and Quitting a Job You Hate

This week on the podcast we're talking about a little bit of iOS news, why you should take another look at widgets on Android, and how to survive inside of Apple's walled garden. We're also answering your questions about power line ethernet adapters, how to quit a job that you hate, and getting notifications for messages Facebook doesn't deem worthy.

4. Maurice Sendak on Being a Kid

Lost interview with Maurice Bernard Sendak children's book author.

5. I'M SO DEAD: Songs You Want Played at Your Funeral

You don't get a second chance to leave a last impression! Christian Finnegan down with Daily Show and Family Guy scribe Chris Regan to discuss the best tunes to make your memorial memorable.

6. Kinect Spying, Square Enix Collective, Angry Birds Movie

Pat & Ian discuss Kinect Spying, Square Enix Collective, the Angry Birds movie, and more!

7. Feeling Like King Kanute

As the loss of Cousin Matthew still effects the inhabitants of Downton both upstairs and down, Bates isn't acting like himself, Thomas is acting exactly like himself and The Dowager Countess gets all up in everybody's business more than she usually does.

8. The Biggest Surprises in Vegas

Enjoying Vegas for the 30+ Vegas visitor The moral of today’s podcast is, don’t underestimate Carrot Top, don’t overestimate how much gas you have in your car, and if you don’t want gas, go to Hugo's.

9. Steaming Pile of Specs

On this episode of GamerTech.TV, Valve has finally released the specs for the SteamBox, Half Life 3 is COMING!!! or is it?! Plus I give my impressions of GTA Online and we wrap things up with some more system specs but this time for Watch Dogs on the PC! All of that and more on this brand new DAY LATE ;) episode of GamerTech.TV LIVE

10. Punta Mita, Mexico – Travel in 10, September 2013

This travel podcast takes us to Punta Mita, Mexico a resort destination about an hour drive from Puerto Vallarta and home to some of the most luxurious hotels in Mexico. We check out the St. Regis Punta Mita and then take trip to the Marietas Islands National Park to go snorkelling with Punta Mita Expeditions. Then we will travel up to Sayulita to check out the laid back village and surfing beaches.

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