1. Google’s ‘Smart Contacts’ Green-Lit

Google's smart contact lens may actually go on sale after their recent purchase of a Swiss drug company.

2. Dr. Timothy Chou On How 'The Cloud' Will Revolutionize Small Businesses

Lecturer, author, and cloud computing expert Dr. Timothy Chou joins us for the 24th episode of “The Innovation Engine” podcast to discuss how advancements in cloud computing and the dramatically different economics will fuel the next generation of data-intensive software applications.

3. A Fashion-Tech Startup That Promises The Perfect Dress Every Time

Watching her family build retail giant, Target, Anne Dayton understood the power of ideas. Her love for fine arts manifested in her own fashion tech startup, PIOL Dress. The PIOL system has taken the simple notion of buying a dress and launched it into the 21st century using digital innovation.

4. How Can A 'Start Up' Survive Silicon Valley?

What does it take to make it in Silicon Valley and ensure the levels of creativity and innovation needed? And once at the top, how does a tech company stay there? We ask a talent spotter for his insights into start-up success.

5. Sony's New Image Sensor Will Make Technology Even Smaller

New image sensor technology will allow cameras to see beyond what is possible for the human eye, allowing consumers to noiselessly shoot in near total darkness. Mark Weir fills us in on the new tech available from Sony.

6. How Does a 3D Printed Guitar Sound?

A professor at Lund University, Sweden is printing and selling basses and guitars.

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