Introducing The Integrity Network

1. Jay Samit: The Champion of Startup of the Year

A serial Entrepreneur, Jay is the Host of the Wall Street Journal's series Startup of the Year and President of ooVoo, the world's largest provider of social video chat. He has also built global divisions for Universal Studios, EMI, and Sony, and he teaches entrepreneurship at USC.

2. How to Escape Fear & Defend an Attack

Turn your mind into a powerful weapon to master oneself and achieve greatness has often been the domain of martial artists. These great warriors develop skills in maximizing their potential and managing their fears. This week on the The School of Greatness we have a modern day warrior on to teach the mindset improvements one learns when studying self defense.

3. What They Didn’t Tell Me Before I Started My Online Business

Whether you are thinking about starting your own online business or have one already, there are definitely some valuable lessons to be learned here and I'm hoping this podcast session will, at the very least, get you ready for what's to come or help you figure things out that you may already be struggling with.

4. Denny Hemingson: Paleo in the Tim McGraw Band

Today is a very special episode - our guest is actually one of our listeners. Denny Hemingson e-mailed me about the great success he's had after finding the show and living a Paleo(ish) lifestyle. The kicker? He's the band leader for Tim McGraw. Having toured for years as a musician myself, it's incredible to hear how well Denny has worked healthy habits into one of the most health-unfriendly vocations in existence. Tip of the hat, Denny! If you're looking for insight on how to live Wild/Paleo/Primal on the road or working the night shift (or if you dig country), this is the episode for you.

5. Staying Healthy & Happy During The Holidays

I've got news for you people. Like it or not, the holiday season is upon us. That special time of year when we tend to overeat, overspend and simply overindulge in everything across the board, all in the name of celebratory merriment.

6. Micah Johnson - Media Stars

Micah Johnson is President of Media Stars, an agency that represents some of the top TV talent and producers in the nation. Jenni and Micah discuss how one post can change your life in Social Media.

7. The psychological reason why you should sell what you know

Francesca Gino, a Harvard professor and author of the book Sidetracked talks about why people only trust information with a price tag.

8. Leanne Ely: Saving Family Dinners

Ever wonder what the impact of eating dinner as a family is? Turns out, beyond the warm memories, crazy conversations, delicious food, belly-laughs, awkward moments and occasional eye-rolling hissy-fits (ah, the teen years), having dinner together has a profound effect on the entire family.

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