Honoring our Veterans

1. Military Voices

Gordon Bolar tells StoryCorps founder Dave Isay about his son, Army Specialist Matthew Bolar, who was killed in Iraq in 2007.Also, Army National Guard Specialist Justin Cliburn tells his wife, Deanne, about Ali, the young Iraqi he befriended during his service in Iraq.

2. Until Tuesday

US Army Captain Luis Montalván was a highly decorated member of the US military when he returned home from two tours of duty in Iraq. The trauma he encountered overseas, however, started to take its toll as he settled back into his life stateside. This hour on Focus, host Jim Meadows talks with Montalván about his struggle to return to civilian life after his time in the service and how Capt. Montalván’s relationship with his service dog “Tuesday".

3. Coming Home: A History of War Veterans

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have created thousands of new combat veterans - but what is it like for those soldiers as they return home? How were veterans of America’s earlier wars treated, and what kinds of challenges did they face? Are veterans only as popular as the wars they’ve fought in? In honor of Veterans Day, this episode of BackStory examines the veterans' experience across American history.

4. A Name. A Life

Holly Hubbard Preston discovers the life behind the name on her town's veterans' memorial.

5. Paul Monti on his hero son Jared and their truck

Paul Monti joined the show on Veterans Day to discuss the legacy of his son Jared who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor by President Obama. Paul's desire to continue driving his sons truck after he was killed in action led to a country music song of the year.

6. Eighty-Three Days

Words At War. January 11, 1944. "Eighty-Three Days" The story of seaman Izzy, the survivor of a torpedoed freighter who was lost at sea for almost three months.

7. The Veterans Day Show

Thank a Vet Today Today is Veteran’s Day and so it is time yet again for a special Veteran’s Day edition of The Survival Podcast. Hear the story of Veteran’s Day, stories about our troops and the real reasons you should never miss a chance to say thank you to a veteran.

8. Delaney: Veteran's Day Reflections

November 11 is Veterans Day, once called Armistice Day because it was originally set aside to commemorate the end of World War I.In part because...

9. History of Veteran's Day

What we now call "Veterans Day" began as "Armistice Day," marking the end of World War I - what Woodrow Wilson called "The War To End All Wars." But what it was was "The War That Ended Peace" - which is also the title of a new book.

10. Path to Recovery for U.S. Combat Vets

Finding the Kachadoorians Lu Lobello My unit was ambushed in Baghdad and was engaged in one of the fiercest firefights of the invasion according to the New York Times and our 13 wounded. After our radio operator was shot through the head he was later saved by Sanjay Gupta. Our unit has affectionately been called the Sinners and The Saints because half of us were from Las Vegas and the other half were from Salt Lake City, Utah. Unfortunately, during our firefight there was multiple families and innocent civilians caught in the crossfire, some were killed and some were wounded. One of the families caught in the crossfire were the Kachadoorians. Their father and two sons were killed and the rest of the family was stuck in the middle of an open field when our unit conducted a rescue.

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