StoryCorps: Hispanic Heritage Month

1. Great Expectations

Linda Hernandez remembers growing up as one of the few Latinos in Lincoln, Nebraska.

2. The Underdog

In this episode of the podcast, Frank Barela and Frank Maestas talk to their grandson C.J. Maestas about his gymnastics career.

3. Message in a Bottle

Have you ever sent an email to the wrong person by accident? In this episode, we hear how Rachel Salazar and her husband Ruben met by chance.

4. The Big Secret

Cristina Peña and Chris Ondaatje, who have been dating since high school, remember when Cristina revealed she was born HIV positive.

5. Feliz Navidad

Yelitza Castro talks with her friend Willie Davis about serving meals to the homeless community in Charlotte, North Carolina for the past three years.

6. Never Your Fault

Antero Garcia talks to his former student Roger Alvarez who dropped out during his senior year of high school.

7. A Small Miracle

Maria Vasquez-Rojas talks with her brother, Francisco Vasquez, about being diagnosed with ovarian cancer shortly after finding out she was pregnant.

8. Thanks For Listening

Rogelio Martinez talks to his former dance teacher, Lisa Moya King, about how she helped him through abuse at home.

9. Life After Afghanistan

Retired Marine Corporal Anthony Villarreal talks with his wife, Jessica, about being severely injured during an IED attack while deployed to Afghanistan in 2008. 

10. When No One Else Could

This week in the podcast, Carlos Mosqueda and his daughter, Cindy, talk about Carlos' father, Bartolo Mosqueda, and the work he did as a traditional healer. We'll also hear some of the letters you sent in response to our previous podcast that featured Kioni

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