Scary Stories & Creepy Tales

1. Spooked IV

Snap returns with the series that makes you sleep with the lights ON. Spooked IV: The Lost Boys; Amazing stories from real people facing off against forces that go bump in the night; Be afraid . . .

2. Halloween

Beware listeners, today's spOoOoky edition of Comedy Fang! Fang! might be too scary for the faint hearted but hopefully the zombie killing expertise of The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun will help you face your fears! Steven Yeun, Paul Rust, Molly Bretthauer, Nick Wiger, Eva Anderson, Caroline Anderson

3. The Warren Omission

Was the story of The Conjuring the true story of how Ed and Lorraine Warren fought demonic forces in Rhode Island? In this special episode of MonsterTalk, we hear a different side to the story of America's first family of ghost hunting. Features interviews with investigators Joe Nickell and Steven Novella.

4. Early Ghost Stories of Old New York

This is the Bowery Boys 7th annual Halloween podcast, with four new scary stories to chill your bones and keep you up at night, generally doused with strange and fascinating facts about New York City. For this episode, we've decided to go truly old-school, reaching back to old legends and tales from the years of the Revolutionary War and early 19th century.

5. Changeling

What happens when someone you love is not themselves? Alison Mills recounts the story of how she became a paitient in Central State Psychiatric Hospital.

6. Strange and disturbing situations that can develop between family and loved ones.

"When One Window Closes" written by Christopher Bosdal and read by Peter Lewis. Music by Brandon Boone. (Story starts at 00:05:31) "Trust" written by Ian Wallwork and read by David Cummings. (Story starts at 00:17:25) "Once You See Them" written by Kevin Thomas and read by Peter Lewis. Music by Tice Thomason & David Cummings. (Story starts at 00:34:40) "BANG" written by Roxi Moon and read by Christina Scholz. Music by Tice Thomason & David Cummings. (Story starts at 00:43:35) "October 29, 2013" written by Nicole Snow and read by Nikolle Doolin. Music by Tice Thomason & David Cummings. (Story starts at 01:00:55) "What the Paperboy Saw" written by Trevor Boelter and read by David Cummings. (Story starts at 01:12:20)

7. Under The Hull Tree by Beyond Midnight

Another visit to a time Beyond Midnight on this episode of The Horror.  Under The Hull Tree, which first aired July 25, 1969.

8. Entering the “Hungry Hollow” with Campfire Radio Theater

The tale we have for you today is the spooky classic ghost-story with fresh take tale "Hungry Hollow." A few hikers disappear in the woods and find a lost woman. The ravishing runaway sets up a series of twisted consequences. As shadows grow longer, a hideous truth emerges regarding the campfire legends of a wrathful old woman said to inhabit the valley.

9. Who's Telling Like It Is

The worlds most mysterious unsolved murders; the Jack the Ripper murders.

10. The Night That Changed Them All

When your invited to a Halloween party make sure you have the right costume. Written by Sam Tydeman Narrated and produced by William Macrae-Smith Music and sound effects from

11. The Night Wire

by H.F. (Henry Ferris) Arnold “The Night Wire” first appeared in the September, 1926 issue of Weird Tales. H.F. Arnold was born in 1901, worked as an author and journalist, and died in 1963. As far as is known, he published a total of 3 stories under the name H.F. Arnold –“The Night Wire” and “The City of Iron Cubes,” in Weird Tales and a “When Atlantis Was,” in Amazing Stories. Your reader this week – Eric Luke – is the screenwriter of the Joe Dante film EXPLORERS, and the writer of comic books GHOST and WONDER WOMAN. His latest project is INTERFERENCE, an audiobook about an audiobook that kills… and you’re listening to it.

12. The Jovian Jest

A familiar story - a meteorite crashes down, scientists show up, stuff happens, right? With a twist that might make you think Shamalyan

13. You Scared Me

Ouijaologist Karen A. Dahlman tells us of a spooky specter from Mexico, and much more on this edition of the Campfire!

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