8 Ways To Go Green At Home

1. 4 Fun Gadgets That Are Powered By The Sun

Four super cool gadgets that are powered by the sun: A solar powered entertainment lounger, a solar shower, a solar powered tent, and a port solar charger. The sun has more power than most of us even imagine and it’s pretty exciting to see how many new solar inventions are coming along.

2. Grow Clean Air With These Plants At Home Or In The Office

Adding these 3 specific plants to your home or office can increase oxygen, filter air and boost your general health. Kamal Meattle ran an experiment at a New Delhi business park and discovered these plants not only cleaned the air, but improved human productivity by over 20%.

3. Go Green: 5 Tips for Saving Electricity

Domestic CEO gives 5 green tips for ways to save electricity.

4. Eco Friendly Ways To Do Laundry

Greening up your laundry is easy if you follow a few simple steps. Not only will you lower your use of harmful detergents, you can save water and electricity as well.

5. Lemons Replace Harsh Chemicals

Looking for a great smelling, nontoxic cleaner for the home? Look no further than you fridge! Here are 10 quick tips on how to use lemons to clean your home.

6. How To Make a Vegetable Garden In a Small Space

Want to have a garden, but short on space? Here are a few steps to help you decide which type of small space gardening is for you and get on your way to growing your own vegetables and herbs!

7. Natural Pest Control & Weed Killer For Your Garden

Growing healthy vegetables and vigorous flowers and shrubs can be a challenge, especially when battling bugs and weeds. Here are some natural options for battling those garden pests.

8. Here’s What You Can (And Can’t) Compost

Green Quick Tips for Composting.  Tips for the newbie food gardener to help you grow delicious produce in no time at all.

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