For Video Game Lovers

1. Game Scoop!

PS4 impressions and the best year for games this gen.

2. Giant Bombcast

"Scoops" of the popular morning show, Scoops & The Wolf, joins the team for a special video-game-themed episode, where we discuss current generation video game devices, like the Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and Nintendo Wii U.

3. The Xbox One launch

We are now firmly in next-gen territory. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are now available, and Ludwig, Richard and Earnest are here to fill in the final impressions of Microsoft's box at launch. Get ready for another in-depth discussion of the Xbox One's operating system, controller and TV integration - actual video games even get some time near the end!

4. Video Game Outsiders

Call of Duty: GHOSTS, Battlefield 4, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, twitter questions, news, and more!

5. Our fondest memories of the generation

There are no winners or losers this week, just our fondest memories from one of gaming's longest console cycles. I had a nice time recording this episode.

6. Motion Capture with Danny Tamberelli

Today we welcome our pal Danny Tamberelli. You might know him as Little Pete from The Adventures of Pete and Pete, or you might know him as Jimmy from GTAV. Now you'll know him as an awesome dude, gamer, and child star that didn't turn into an insane person. Enjoy!

7. All you MEAD is a good notebook…

We have our first 'remote' interview with Louisville, KY collector Geoff Schunerle and also debate the re-release of Medieval Madness pinball by Planetary Pinball. We cover lots of pinball talk on the DeepDive segment and respond to some listener mail and feedback, as well!

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