What A Government Shutdown Sounds Like

1. A government shutdown will affect jobs -- and jobs numbers

Why the government shutdown means we might not be getting a jobs report this Friday.

2. What the Federal Shutdown Looks Like in California

Federal Shutdown Jams Immigration Courts. Covered California Open for Business. Graphic Video at Center of Prison Mental Healthcare Trial. End Music.

3. Worldview: US Federal Shutdown

Washington budget impasse - who's to blame, and who'll be punished?

4. Why The Republicans Must Stop Obamacare

Arguments are valid that Obamacare is bringing about and the government shutdowns.

5. How Do Exchanges Work?

Americans will be able to go online to get health insurance "exchanges" on Tuesday. But there's concern some of these online sites aren't ready for prime time.

6. Financial Markets Monitor Partial Federal Shutdown

Financial markets across the world took a hit on Monday. They closed lower — waiting to see if there was a partial government shutdown in the U.S. Shortly before midnight, the White House ordered agencies to begin shutting down.

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