These Fathers Have Us In Tears

1. My Father, The Giant

Thompson Williams talks about his father's legacy with his son, Kiamichi-tet Williams.

2. The Science of Being a Dad

What it takes to make a great kid.

3. This Dad's Observation About Parenthood: We All Become Our Grandmothers

We all know it's true.

4. This Man Is Known For Being Jim Beam's Great-Grandson, But Hear Why He's Proudest For Being His Father's Son

This story will make you cry and want nothing more than a whisky with your father.

5. This Father Has An Awkward Encounter With His Son While Passing On A Family Tradition. His Reaction Will Remind You Why You Love Your Dad.

Who knew saunas could teach us so much about our generation?

6. Chemist Turns Software Developer After Son's Cancer Diagnosis

The parents of a young boy made a terrible discovery while looking through photographs they had taken of him as a baby. They noticed a white dot where a black pupil should have been.

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