Top 10 Cutest Episodes

1. The Science of Cute

Why do kitten faces and cartoon cuties hold such power over us? Why does the sight of a puppy tug our heart strings? Find out in this Stuff to Blow Your Mind journey into the science of cute.

2. Why Kittens?

It's ???Kitten Season??? and Bay Area shelters are reporting that they are full of newborns. KCBS's Jeff Bell talks with Dr. Jennifer Scarlett of the San Francisco SPCA to discuss the science of ???Kitten Season??? who shares advice with potential adopters.

3. My Friend Charlie Ravioli

A writer details his daughter's cosmopolitan imaginary friend.

4. Saving Syrian Puppies

We spoke with Phil Sands, Syria correspondent for The National, an English language daily newspaper based in Abu Dhabi. Phil???s been in Syria reporting on and photographing the escalation of the civil war, along with the bombings and massacres. He was in the U.S. on another assignment??? as puppy courier.

5. The Power of Cute

A listener asks, "I've heard that owning a dog or cat can be a good way to deal with stress and ward off depression." Is that true?

6. Glittery Eyes

Two stories by Etgar Keret show the comic side of children's fantasies. Parker Posey, who also hosts, reads 'Glittery Eyes' and Willem Dafoe reads 'What Animal Are You?' ... Accompanied by two other shorts that follow the theme of wishing and wanting.

7. We Call Him Flipper But What Do Other Dolphins Call Him?

Dolphins, like humans, are part of complex social networks. And research now indicates that they use their unique whistle sounds to identify and communicate with each other. 'Every time a dolphin heard its signature whistle, it called back, sometimes multiple times,' one researcher says.

8. Tim's Place

Tim Harris, who has Down Syndrome, and his father, Keith, talk about starting their restaurant, Tim's Place.

9. Happy Tiny Dancers

In perhaps the cutest study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, psychologist Marcel Zentner and Tuomas Eerola found that babies will spontaneously groove to music. While babies are not great dancers, they smile more when they do hit the beat.

10. Dogs Gone Wild

In this short, a family dog disappears into the woods and the mystery of what happened to him raises a big question about what it means to be wild. Okay, this isn't exactly a cute story or a heart-warming story ... but a story that helps put things into perspective.

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