We Wish You a Merry Podcast!

1. Dissecting Santa, Rudolph, & all things Christmas

As a gift to you, our listeners, we wrap up the first of our quarterly bundles of podcasts with a talk about the season of gifting: Christmas. While folks are trying to put the Christ back in Christmas, we’re looking to see if he was ever there in the first place. From Dutch knickerbockers in New York and Thomas Nast in the Civil War to Coca-Cola and Montgomery Ward, we cover a history of the American Christmas to figure out why Charlie Brown was so glum.

2. Crumpet the Elf Reads from 'Santaland Diaries'

It's a radio Christmas Classic, the equivalent of what 'A Christmas Story' is to holiday VHS perfection. David Sedaris Reads From His 'Santaland Diaries.' Followed by some of NPR's most emailed stories.

3. Celebrating Canadian Christmas

What exactly is a Kissing Ball? And what's "mummering?" For longtime listener Jeffery, the neighbors to our (U.S.) north are this episode's focus!

4. Ho, Ho, Ho! Kids get a call from Santa Claus

“Ho ho ho! How are you today Peyton?” says Merrimack police officer Greg Walters to one lucky little boy who received a special phone call. When convincing a child on the other end of a phone line you’re Santa Claus, having the right voice goes a long way...

5. For some Jews, Christmas is more than Chinese food

In this holiday episode of Tell Me More: 1) Descendants Of Slaves & Slave Traders Come Together 2) Just Who Was The Real St. Nicholas? 3) For Some Jews, Christmas Is More Than Chinese Food 4) A Tribute To Marvin Gaye's Forgotten Classic

6. A Daddy For Christmas

Shirley Temple hosts this episode presented by Family Theater on Dec. 15, 1948. Young Stevie asks Santa Claus for a daddy for Christmas! His mom winds up married to Santa, who tries to be a good father...but fails. A tearful story that's good radio.

7. Getting a Start on Christmas Cake

November may feel too early to be bopping along to Christmas tunes but there’s one Christmas tradition that requires a long head start. English Christmas (fruit) cake, according to Out magazine editor Aaron Hicklin, needs at least five weeks to mature, a process that calls for the cake being regularly soaked in booze.

8. Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol

Enjoy a yuletide classic as read by Patrick Horgan! A Christmas Carol: Stave 1 - Marleys Ghost

9. Bah & The Humbugs Christmas Eve Podcast

Join three strangers on separate quests who happen to cross paths on Christmas Eve 2012. Included are the Humbugs' classics - like Santa Song, Inadmissible, Million Dollar Christmas, Whining Christmas Babies, Def Noel, Jesus' Funky Christmas, and Christmas to the World.

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