Top Guest Appearances on a Podcast

1. Mindy Kaling Loves Rom Coms (And Being The Boss)

The actress played Kelly Kapoor on The Office, a role she also wrote and produced. Now she runs a new Fox comedy, The Mindy Project, in which she stars as an obstetrician whose personal life is a mess. Kaling tells Fresh Air that her late mother inspired her character's career.

2. Sesame Street: Inspect with Jimmy Fallon

Word On The Street: Jimmy Fallon explains the word "inspect."

3. Katy Perry Returns With A 'Roar'

Katy Perry may be one of the biggest pop stars in the world. She came from a strict Evangelical upbringing and her first album, under the name of Katie Hudson, was Christian pop. She's come a long way since then, she joins NPR's Scott Simon to talk about her new album, Prism.

4. World Series MVP David Ortiz

World Series MVP David Ortiz joins Joe Castiglione after the Red Sox win the World Series

5. Tom Hiddleston

Chris sits down with the lovely Tom Hiddleston to talk about how he formed the character of Loki, growing up in the UK and the stages a British actor takes to becoming a wizard!

6. Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville shows up to the garage with his hand in a splint, which is appropriate for the guy behind Jackass and Bad Grandpa.

7. Jon Hamm, Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll joins Scott to talk about sandwiches, and showcase his Christopher Walken impression as they wait for Jon Hamm to arrive. Eventually Jon arrives to chat about Mad Men, shooting the pilot of Mad Men with the crew from The Sopranos, and Capitol One commercials.

8. David Arquette

David Arquette, stops by the DVDASA studio to share his thoughts on the word "gangsta" and his early L.A. graffiti days in the real K.G.B. gang.

9. Rainn Wilson's Soul Pancake

A bit of an oldie but still real good! Rainn Wilson, the actor and comedian best known for his role as Dwight Schrute in the hit series The Office. He is also the founder of the website and YouTube channel, Soul Pancake, which is devoted to discussing life's big questions in art, philosophy, creativity, and spirituality.

10. Dick Costolo: Twitter CEO

From allowing people to opt out of invasive internet tracking on Twitter and refusing to shut the site down during the SOPA conundrum to his former days as a Chicago stand-up comedian and his passion for improv, Twitter CEO Costolo is known for bold and sometimes surprising decision making.

11. JIM CARREY: Rare interview.

Harland goes one on one with JIM CARREY asking serious and silly questions, iPad road rage, and super kinky bat sex!!

12. Adam Carolla – Successful Solopreneur, Masquerading as a Comedian

At first glance, Adam Carolla is another funny comedian and broadcaster.  But, dig a little deeper, and you’ll see a complex character wrapped in a brilliant mind. His shrewd business-savvy has proven Adam to be one of the most successful modern-age Solopreneurs of our time.  Listen in as we break all the barriers and give you a great template to follow for success.

13. Julian Assange: Why the world needs WikiLeaks

The controversial website WikiLeaks collects and posts highly classified documents and video. Founder Julian Assange, who's reportedly being sought for questioning by US authorities, talks to TED's Chris Anderson about how the site operates, what it has accomplished -- and what drives him. The interview includes graphic footage of a recent US airstrike in Baghdad.

14. Jen Kirkman

Comedian Jen Kirkman and a message from her Dad joins Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson in The CrabFeast Studios!

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