All Treats, No Trick

1. Please Explain: Candy

Just in time for Halloween, this week's Please Explain is all about candy! Samira Kawash tells the story of how candy evolved from a luxury good to a cheap, everyday snack. In Candy: A Century of Panic and Pleasure she explores the history and cultural history of candy and examines how candy became the most loved and loathed of processed foods.


Let's get hopped up on sugar GUYS, GALS, & GILA MONSTERS. Controversy! Intrigue! Hot molten explosions in your face! We dive into the weird world of candy just in time for Halloween. Serving the sweet scoop on Cadbury Creme Eggs, Tootsie Roll Pops, Gobstoppers, and more. ALSO: "Wonka? Or Urban Dictionary?

3. You like candy?

Hey! You like candy? Of course you do! This week we discuss different types of candy, teen clothing stores, a legitimately sad news story, Rebecca Black and the reason why women find George Clooney so damn attractive. Also Tim & Tom solve a reader's utterly ridiculous problem.

4. Sticky Candy

Matt Fosburg from Sticky USA candy hangs out with Gil to talk about living a life surrounded by candy!

5. The Halloween Candy Debate

Elon and Emily discuss secret menu items, how much candy is actually consumed during Halloween, a wine shortage, and the great Halloween Candy Debate 2013.

6. Candy, clowns and costumes

Did you load up on candy for tonight's trick-or-treaters? Or are you the house that passes out the pretzels??

7. Candy Crush Addiction

Help! Deb and Jennie are addicted to Candy Crush. We also meant to talk about how much we love pumpkin spice foods this time of year, but we got a little... sidetracked. Meri reported in with her epic poem, "Pumpkin Love" and live commentary as she watched the Money Pit, high on muscle relaxers. Don't do drugs, kids.

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