Top Breaking Bad Coverage

1. "Granite State" Wrap-Up

Breaking Bad editor Kelley Dixon discusses the show in her weekly Insider Podcast with regular guest appearances from show writers, actors and creator Vince Gilligan. This week they discuss Jesse's attempted escape from Jack’s compound.

2. Breaking Bad wins big at the Emmys

As 'Breaking Bad' wraps up its intense journey to its final moments, its cast and crew were all smiles at the Emmy Awards, taking home the award for best drama series Sunday night - a first for the AMC hit. from The Associated Press, updated every hour.

3. Granite State E:15 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

In this episode host John Comerford breaks down the episode in which a conclusion closes in from events set in motion long ago. There to help John are co-hosts Kristen Snyder, Matt Lieberman, and Tamara Berg. It’s Breaking Bad’s “Granite State” podcast!

4. Bob Odenkirk

This episode of Comedy Bang Bang will delight fans of Breaking Bad's, Saul Goodman. Bob Odenkirk treats listeners to some special news that's sure to please anyone who loves Mr. Show and Better Call Saul!

5. “The Granite State” – Breaking Good Instant Take Podcast

They have a lot to say about this episode, without talking about the actual episode.  Thoughts and feelings about this season, and where it's going. How the last hope for even a modicum of happy ending died with this episode.  

6. Breaking Bad–Papa’s Basement Podcast

Discussing all things Breaking Bad, dissecting its last episodes and predicting where the show will end. We also debate how badly Dexter's--aka the anti-Breaking Bad--finale will suck.

7. Screen Bites - Granite State

On this episode of Screen Bites, Jeremy, Jared, and Justin discuss the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad, season 5, Granite State; as well as Breaking Bad's Emmy wins and the recently announced Better Call Saul spin-off.

8. Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad Calls In

Check out our interview with Aaron Paul (Jesse of Breaking Bad) about the finale of Breaking Bad. PLUS he has info on how you could WIN the chance to ride in the RV, wearing a Hazmat Suit, to the show's finale where the cast will be watching the show.

9. FLASHBACK - Bryan Cranston

Breaking Bad is wrapping up and coming off a HUGE Emmy win. Marc interviewed Bryan Cranston back in 2011. Hear the evolution of Walter White's character

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