Big Sur Sound and Story

1. The Making of the Homobile: A Story of Transportation, Civil Rights & Glitter (and further stories of making…)

In this episode of Fugitive Waves, The Kitchen Sisters ride the nightshift with The Homobile. Homobiles is a non-commercial, volunteer, 24/7 ride service created by Lynnee Breedlove for the "LGBTQRXT and transgender community and others around San Francisco who feel the need safe, dependable rides, outside traditional services.

2. No Greater Love

Would you risk your own life to save the life of someone else?

3. Re:sound #191 The Songs My Mother Taught Me Show

This week one woman's story unfolds through many threads. Songs My Mother Taught Me by Chris Brookes (CBC, 1998) When soldiers from Newfoundland came to London to fight in WWII, many met and married local women and brought their British war brides back home after the war ended. This story is mostly about one such bride, Producer Chris Brookes' mother, a woman of mystery, charm, and above all, secrets. After her death she unwittingly left behind a few key items — including a diary — and from these Chris begins to unravel her story. He discovers her thirst for life on the one hand, a deep sense of longing on the other, and lots more than he expected about himself.

4. The Moth Radio Hour: All Stars, Veterans & Boxers

A teenager takes her brother on a cross country goose chase; a young man wants to meet his troubled father; a grandmother shows off her boxing moves; and a cousin has a secret.

5. Jonah Hill, House of Cards, Luxury Toast

This week: Jonah Hill's search for the perfect coupling ... Skip Lievsay explains how movies should sound ... Life imitates board games imitating life (but not The Game of Life) ... One mother's love-hate relationship with a thousand plastic blocks ... Getting what you pay for with luxury toast ... The creator of "House of Cards" tells us how politics is like jazz ... Woods to the left (to the left) ... How to flirt with a Viking ... And when to politely drink up and move on.

6. Jeff’s Teenage Diary, Revisited

When Jeff Rogers was 16 years old he started referring to himself as a “halfrican.” Jeff has a black father and a white mother. And like many teenagers, he was trying to figure out who he was. We met Jeff back in 1998, and gave him a tape recorder so he could document his life for our Teenage Diaries series. We started thinking about Jeff when we produced our Teenage Diaries Revisited series last year for NPR. On today’s show, Jeff’s original teenage diary, plus…a conversation we recently had with him, more than 15 years later.

7. Snap #411 - Contents Unknown

On the next Snap, we are letting our curiosity get the better of us. From NPR and PRX, Snap Judgment proudly presents... "Contents Unknown."

8. Chaotic Neutral

A game of Dungeons and Dragons is thrown into chaos. Peformed by Elana Fishbein, Jon Bander, Justin Moran, and Matt Shafeek. Written by Alejandro Kolleeny, and produced by Jonathan Mitchell.

9. Tough Guys

From Etgar Keret's story of a bus driver who's a stickler for rules, to a woman who performs in a room full of tough guys at a maximum security prison, to cartoonist Dave Collier on re-enlisting in the army in his 40s.

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