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1. This Aspiring Astronaut Stole Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Moon Rocks To Have 'Sex On The Moon' With His Girlfriend


2. This Is Your Brain On Porn

What is the effect of sexual imagery on our brains, and how does it influence how we see our fellow men and women? The Savvy Psychologist breaks down 3 studies that looked at your brain on porn and other sexual images.

3. 13 Weird Things Americans Do That Nobody Else Understands

Gotta love 'murica!

4. Ice Wall May Stop Radioactive Leak at Japanese Nuclear Plant

Workers are building an underground ice wall around the damaged nuclear reactors at Fukushima Daiichi. The wall is the latest attempt to try to keep radioactive water from leaking out of the plant. Source: NPR

5. This Guy Built A Mushroom Tower That Could Be The First Of Cheaper, More Biodegradable Mushroom Cities Of The Future

Are our houses going to be built out of mushrooms in the future?

6. This Farmer Caught His Son With Glitter All Over Him. His Reaction Would Make Any Kid Be Proud To Be Out

The world needs more dads like this.

7. Doctors Might Soon Be Able To Literally Erase Drug-Related Memories To Cure Addiction

Would you want your memories erased to cure an addiction? This is insane!

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