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1. U.T.B.A.P.H

You can easily identify any building that used to be a Pizza Hut. Mike Neilson has been building a global atlas of buildings that used to be a Pizza Hut. He calls them UTBAPHs, the abbreviation for “Used To Be A Pizza Hut.” 99% Invisible producer Sam Greenspan explores what makes the humble Pizza Hut iconic, and how that legacy has started to fade.

2. The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall and Rise of Thomas Alva Edison

Look around your daily life. There's a little piece of Thomas Edison almost everywhere. Your desk lamp. That x-ray you got when you broke your arm. The battery in your car. The movie you saw last night. Among his many inventions, Edison came up with a way to record sound, which he called “Fugitive Waves.” But as producers The Kitchen Sisters found out, sometimes Edison was his own worst enemy.

3. When You’re Lonely, Life is Very Long

After moving to New York alone, writer Olivia Laing discovered the truth about loneliness. She says it is a gift. Eric Klinenberg explains why more and more people are choosing to live alone and why cities like New York must invest in housing stock that singletons actually want to live in, the type of housing they have in Scandinavian countries. And Danish photographer Tina Enghoff tells us about the pictures she took of the apartments after the dead were removed. Some of these bodies went undiscovered for months.

4. #11: Willie McGee and the Traveling Electric Chair

On the night of May 7th, 1951, in the small town of Laurel, Mississippi, close to a thousand people gathered around the courthouse. They came to witness an execution. Willie McGee was a young black man who had been accused of raping a white woman, and got sentenced to death. Six decades later, Bridgette McGee teamed up with Radio Diaries to find the truth about what happened to her grandfather.

5. The Extractor

The sounds we make don't just fade away; they're embedded in the objects around us. This story is about a technology that will let you hear them.

6. The Silver Dollar

Music is Daryl Davis profession, but extreme racism is his obsession.

7. Liz Fletcher: Little Orphan Edie, a Valentine's Story

A tale of true love spanning four decades, two countries, and classic racial divides...

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