Top Podcasts For People Who Don't 'Get' Podcasts

1. Fresh Air Interview: Breaking Bad's Saul Goodman

Actor Bob Odenkirk reflects on playing Breaking Bad's most comedic character, Saul Goodman. Better call Saul!

2. Interviews: President Obama and Syrian President al-Assad

In the aftermath of a chemical weapons attack in the Syrian civil war, Charlie Rose speaks to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Scott Pelley interviews President Obama.

3. Fire Tornado vs Sharknado

What would win in a fight, a swirling column of fire or a vortex full of killer sharks? It’s not a question to dismiss slightly, so join Robert and Julie as they break down the real science of fire tornadoes as well as the not-so-real science of the deadly “sharknado.”

4. Do Parents Matter?

Think you know how much parents matter? Think again. Your favorite Economists crunch the numbers to learn the ROI on child-rearing. The results will surprise you.

5. Ryan Seacrest Talks to SNL's Seth Meyers

Ryan Seacrest chats with Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers post Emmy Awards.

6. ABC World News with Diane Sawyer

In this edition: FBI Releases Details On Navy Yard Shooter; Kenya Mall Attackers Rented Store; Tips To Choose Best Retirement Fund

7. Adam Carolla talks iPhone hacking, midgets on unicycles

Brad Williams joins for a podcast about iPhone hacking, sustainable farming, and midgets riding unicycles. The guys also play Blah Blah Blog, and a group of drunk audience members get tossed out of the club.

8. Is Manziel the Best Mobile Passer Ever?

Tony Siragusa talks college football with Dan Patrick and says Manziel throws better on run than anyone he’s ever seen.

9. Fall into a black hole and over Niagara Falls

This hour, Radiolab rollicks through stories of falling. We plunge into a black hole, take a trip over Niagara Falls, and upend some myths about falling cats.

10. Jim Cramer helps you navigate the market. Loudly.

Tonight, Jim weighs in on ways to protect your portfolio from Washington worries. Then, tech topped out? Cramer talks slowdowns in the cloud with the CEO of RHT, which missed on earnings earlier this week. And, build baby, build? Jim gives you his take on home construction - will this sector keep raising the roof? And later, turbo tech?

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