Top New Shows: Week of 1/20/14

1. Mark Ruffalo - Our 100 Percent Clean Energy Future

For Mark Ruffalo, environmental activism started out with something to oppose, to be against: Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. It all began when the actor, perhaps best known for his role as Bruce Banner (The Hulk) in Marvel's The Avengers, was raising three small children in the town of Callicoon, in upstate New York. At that time the Marcellus shale fracking boom was coming on strong, even as the area also saw a series of staggering floods, each one seemingly more unprecedented than the last. In response, Ruffalo launched Water Defense, a nonprofit that takes on fracking and extreme or unconventional energy extraction in general (from mountaintop removal mining to deep sea drilling), and does so with a focus on grassroots activism. In the process, he's become quite the visible spokesman. But if you think Ruffalo is just another celeb with an anti-corporate tilt, you're missing the story. His true passion is promoting a clean energy solution to our climate and water problems, and demonstrating how feasible it is. Today. Like, now. On the show this week we talk to Ruffalo about his vision for a clean energy future, what he’s doing about it, and how you can help. This episode also features a discussion of what the year 2013 meant for climate and energy. Subscribe:

2. Talking to Myself - Is That Normal?

Talking to yourself again? Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen assures you’re not going crazy. You’re simply thinking out loud, which is not only normal, but beneficial.

3. HTC Galaxy Z2 Xperia M8 Samsung Sony S5 rumor recap

This week's episode of the Android and Me Podcast focused on the most recentHTC M8,Samsung Galaxy S5 andSony Xperia Z2(Sony D6503) rumors and leaks. And since we can't seem to stop talking about Motorola, we threw in threw in a quick rank about the Moto G Google Play Edition for good measure.

4. Zombie Ants & Glitter Nail Polish

On our first show we shake out the nerves by talking about our love/hate relationships with Martha Stewart, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez and preparing for the apocalypse.  Plus we also go off the rails discussing Cynthia’s trouble differentiating fact from fiction, Dr Oz’s poop talk, and the impending zombie ants apocalypse.

5. Motherless Mothering w/Kate Spencer!

Listen in for a foreword (it's 13 full minutes so feel free to skip ahead if you'd like!) to this episode regarding birth choices and judgement from Elizabeth before a fun albeit tear-filled conversation with writer and VH1 correspondent Kate Spencer about becoming a Mother when we don't have our own Mothers. Plus some great Good/Bad/Funnies as well as our unqualified advice/answer to an excellent listener question regarding guilt in parenting! Enjoy!

6. The Fierce Power of Vulnerability

In this podcast, drawn from a talk in late 2013 at the New York Shambhala Center, Susan discusses some of the sources of the biggest problems we face: speed and stress; fundamentalism; fear–and how reconnecting with our innate softness reverses them. She draws the connection between mindfulness meditation and the softening of our hearts.

7. The Nels Cline Conversation

Nels Cline more than anyone understands the expression. “slow and steady wins the race”. Charlie got to sit down with Wilco’s guitarist and talk about the long creative road that lead him to joining one of rocks most creative bands. A real innovator on his instrument Nels is one of the best conversations yet.

8. How to build an information time machine

Imagine if you could surf Facebook ... from the Middle Ages. Well, it may not be as far off as it sounds. In a fun and interesting talk, researcher and engineer Frederic Kaplan shows off the Venice Time Machine, a project to digitize 80 kilometers of books to create a historical and geographical simulation of Venice across 1000 years.

9. The Wondrous Woodrow Wilson

My conversation with A. Scott Berg, author of "Wilson,? a new biography of our 28th president.

10. Middle School

On today's episode of Wine and Whine, Kathryn and I drink Portes de Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc and talk about our experiences in middle school! Kathryn (who attended a private school in Los Angeles. And Dara, who lived out her ugly stage against the backdrop of a New Hampshire public school. Will these two gals have any similar adolescent experiences? You bet! Juicy couture! Punk phases!

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