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1. The Best Unsung Songs of the Year

The episode where we give thanks to the songs that got away. This is a mix dedicated to the best tracks of the year that flew under the radar.

2. Chet Faker: Soulful Electronics And A Sensitive Croon

Chet Faker is the moniker of Australian electronic musician, producer and soulful singer Nicholas Murphy. The namesake is an homage to one of Murphy's musical heroes, Chet Baker, the legendary jazz trumpeter and sensitive crooner.

3. Strange Talk

Strange Talk are Aussies making energetic synth pop. They chat with Abbey about dangerous driving while shooting a video in L.A and ice skating shoe shopping karaoke adventures...all in one night while drunk.

4. Big Black Delta, White Lies and Bombino

On this episode of the Morning Becomes Eclectic Podcast, we highlight three artists from different parts of the world each with their own unique sounds and style.

5. Arcade Fire - Reflektor

Kevin, Paul and Madelyn dive headfirst into Arcade Fire’s highly anticipated fourth album, Reflektor, to find out if all the hype is true and the band lives up to its legacy, or if the Montreal collective has finally slipped and ceded their indie throne as one of the world’s biggest, and best bands.

6. Brian Blade

After a long hiatus, we'd like to welcome our listeners back. Greg discusses some controversies brewing in jazz circles of late, and he recommends some old and new music that's been on his mind. He caps off the episode with an interview with the one and only Brian Blade.

7. To The Soundtrack Of A Violin

Dick speaks with Toby and Itzhak Perlman about their marriage of 46 years, and how they met at music camp and became friends listening to classical music on records.

8. Bishop Nehru

Conshus from Our Show and Chase March team up to interview Bishop Nehru. The Word is Bond Rap Radio Hour - the best in underground hip-hop music and talk every week on your radio dial, iPod, or computer.


AMERICAN SHARKS join us for an interview from the backstage of the Ogden Theater, while on tour with CLUTCH! We speak with the band about their hard living, partying ways and how they decided to put those ways behind them for success! We talk about the stresses of being on a big tour, what they have learned from bands like THE SWORD, life on the road and oh so much more in today's podcast!

10. Preacher Blues

A discussion of the best in early recorded blues.

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