La Dolce Vita

1. Florence: Renaissance Walk Audio Tour

From the Duomo to the Arno. As the home of the Renaissance and birthplace of the modern, urban lifestyle, Florence is Europe's cultural capital. This 90-minute walk through the heart of Renaissance Florence starts at the soaring church dome that symbolizes the proud Renaissance spirit. We'll also see the bronze doors that opened the Renaissance, and walk the same narrow streets as Michelangelo and the Medicis. As we walk from the Duomo to the Arno River — about a mile altogether — we'll see the Florence of yesterday, but also the vibrant, trendy city that is Florence today. Don't forget to download the handy PDF companion maps.

2. The Trequartista Italian Football

Join us this week as we talk about Juve v Napoli, Roma's slowdown and the future of AC Milan.

3. Tomato Recipes, How to Pump Gas and Typical Italian Diet

Finally we're back! It's the first Sunday of September and we've got a little time away from the guests and garden to answer your burning questions! From our favorite tomato recipes and Gas Station Etiquette (& How to pump) to insight on the typical Italian diet Jason & Ashley answer some of the questions written in by the listeners.

4. How Melissa Muldoon Went ‘Matta’ for Italian and What She Built from Her Craziness

Loving Italian is no easy feat. It's like any other relationship. You fall in love. You fight. You feel hurt. It takes dedication and whole lotta' passion to stay committed. When you know this and you see someone else going through it, it's instant friendship (even if the other person doesn't know it yet!).

5. An Intro to Italian Cinema

Italian movies should be familiar to listeners, as that country has been the home of the most Academy Award winners for best foreign film and helped create the spaghetti Western drama.To kick off our guide to Italian movies, we brought on a special guest who actually took a class on the subject!

6. Spaghetti Frittata & Comfort Food

Wondering what to do with your cold spaghetti from last night? How about a quick, easy, and delicious Spaghetti Frittata? Let Jim and Marilyn Bero show you how! Also, some great comfort food recipes now that winter approaches.

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