6 Hilarious Animal Quirks That Prove Nature Makes No Sense

1. Dragonflies And Butterflies Drink Crocodile Tears For Salt, And It's Adorable

This is the strangest animal behavior you've never heard of.

2. These Lice Swap Genders When They Have Sex

70 hour lice sex...what?!

3. Turns Out Cows Get PTSD Symptoms From Wolf Attacks

Damn wolves, making the cows go mad!

4. When Rat Couples Get Drunk, They Have The Exact Same Sad Behavior As We Do

Guess it isn't just people who are pretty damn pathetic when we're drunk!

5. Caterpillars Are Addicted To Nicotine Too, But For Different Reasons Than Us

Alice in Wonderland wasn't so far off after all!

6. When Beetle Babies Whine, Their Moms Actually Kill Them

You really don't want to piss off your mom if she's a beetle.

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