Alternative Comedy Magic

1. All Hail Satan with Chip Gardner

Things get grizzly as Andy Daly & Matt Gourley bring us the next podcast pilot hosted by Broadcaster and Game Show Host Chip Gardner . With his trusty longtime announcer Tip Thompson, Chip & Tip will recall past game show failures, play some of their favorite games from over the years, and share tips & recommend chips to listeners in a segment called Chip's Tips & Tip's Chips. Plus, Chip will debate formidable opponent Carol Channing for the honorary position of Mayor of Hollywood and we are taken through a day in the life of a feeble-minded man named Chocolate Pudding in Chocolate Pudding Does Whatever The Fuck He Wants.If you're in Los Angeles, dont miss a LIVE taping of The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project with Irish storyteller Patrick McMahon on Tuesday, March 11th at Molly Malones Irish Pub. Go to / for more info!

2. Ronna & Beverly Live at the SF Sketch Fest

Ronna & Beverly had a terrific time at this year's San Francisco Sketch Fest and are now sharing it with you! With the company of baby faced Michael Ian Black & trusty trainer Bob Harper what more can you ask for? Maybe a little recap of Ronna & Beverlys San Fran adventures would serve as the cherry on top of this delectable show!

3. With Natasha Lyonne, Paul F. Tompkins, & Mary Holland

Orange Is the New Black's Natasha Lyonne makes her first appearance & dapper comedian Paul F. Tompkins makes a rare appearance on today's Comedy Bean Bag! Natasha, Paul, & Scott chat about silent films, the first time Natasha met Woody Allen, and great acting tips. Then, church raffle winner Dreama Peaches stumbles upon the studio on her mission to learn more about hunting and bears.

4. D&Darping

Dag, Houg, Lyra, and Winter have escaped from the clutches of the roc and found themselves in an abandoned church atop of a mountain. What will they find inside? Plus, a very special friend joins the gang on their adventure!

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