Stories Of Success

1. 92 Year Old WW2 Vet Plans To Make An Amazing Return To Normandy.

A World War 2 vet wants to return to Normandy in an unconventional way.

2. Mikael Strandberg: The Man Who's Cycled 56,000 Miles

Mikael Strandberg is a renowned Swedish explorer, who started his professional career 28 years ago. He has cycled from Chile to Alaska, from Norway to South Africa, and from New Zealand to Cairo, a total of 90,000 kilometres (56,000 miles)

3. This Guy Literally Didn't Sit Down For An Entire Month Straight

Damnit, we should get off our asses.

4. They Wanted To Play Soccer But Had No Land

In Thailand, these young boys built their own floating soccer field & team. Ray Kouguell tells us about a short film showing what it took to make this happen.

5. The Woman Who Traveled The Desert With Only Camels For Company

Arita Baaijens is a Dutch biologist, explorer, photographer and author. She has carried out more than 25 expeditions with her own caravan of camels all over Egypt and the Sudan.

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