Game Changers

1. Pitcher Don Newcombe Remembers Jackie Robinson And The Fight For Equality In Modern Sports

Hall of Famer Don Newcombe played with Robinson for 7 seasons and looks back on the friendship between the two trailblazers.

2. Meet Alexander Fleming: The Father Of Modern Antibiotics

Come take a look at the life of Alexander Fleming, the man who saved countless lives through his discovery of penicillin.

3. How A Cartoonist Has Used Kickstarter To Redefine Philanthropy

Matthew Inman, creator of the humor site The Oatmeal has redefined philanthropy.

4. Alexander Graham Bell Invented the Phone, And Then The Voice Mail!

We finally know what the inventor of the telephone sounded like. Last week, the Smithsonian unveiled recordings of Alexander Graham Bell's voice from 1885. It's the first known recording of him speaking.

5. The Rise of Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg

What's the controversy about the founding of Facebook? Where did Facebook come from? How long did it take before Facebook became a success?

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