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1. Music (and Dance) for All

Bill Bragin, the director of public programming for the famed Lincoln Center, on bringing free and adventurous music, dance, and art to all.

2. YouTube’s Favorite Musician

Pogo might be one of the most popular musicians in the world, but there’s a fair chance you’ve never heard of him. His channel has well over 300,000 subscribers, and his pop culture music videos have been viewed more than 100 million times. Where some mash-up artists stun with clever technique or surreal juxtapositions, Pogo is first and foremost a fan, passionate and careful with sources like Alice in Wonderland and Fresh Prince. Sean Rameswaram speaks with the New Zealander about the secrets of his success.

3. Lost in Translation: Urayoán Noel Gives Poet Cesar Vallejo a Digital Makeover

Daniel Alarcón speaks with Urayoán Noel, a Puerto Rican poet and performer who has used voice-recognition software to reshape one of the most canonical poetic voices in the Spanish language.

4. John Smith, Pocahontas, And The Beginnings Of American English

How long does it take for a new variety of a language to evolve once somebody lands in a particular part of the world?

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