Maya Angelou's Most Inspiring Radio Interviews

1. Why I Wrote "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"

In an interview with KPLU, Maya Angelou tells the story of how she decided to write her autobiography. Source: KPLU

2. Maya Angelou Reads Weekend Glory

In an intimate interview with KPLU, Maya Angelou reads Weekend Glory. Source: KPLU

3. Maya Angelou Remembers Receiving The Medal Of Freedom

In this poignant picture, Barack Obama gives Maya Angelou a kiss on the cheek as he ties the Medal Of Freedom around her neck. In this interview, Maya Angelou describes her feelings at that particular moment. Source: KPLU

4. Maya Angelou Reads 'Still I Rise'

Maya Angelou reads 'Still I Rise,' one of her most famous poems. Source: BBC World Service, Africa Today

5. Angelou Pays A Tribute To Nelson Mandela

Dr. Maya Angelou recalls the kind spirit of a South African warrior.

6. Maya Angelou Talks About Her Mom

Maya Angelou - poet, writer, activist - died on May 28, 2014. She was 86 years old. Follow the link below to listen to an interview with Dr. Angelou on the show in April 2013. We're also collecting your thoughts, tributes, and favorite passages in the comments.

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