Rock Your 4th Of July Party

1. Avoiding Grilling And Barbecue Pitfalls

Marinade myths, charcoal chemistry, and the elusive “smoke ring" The science behind barbecue and grilling.

2. Finding The Perfect Barbecue Sauce

What to look for when shopping for that perfect barbecue sauce! Americas Kitchen taste tests three barbecue sauces...sweetness, smokiness, and heat!

3. The Story Of American Beer

This year, it's all about American beer! Historian, author, and self-proclaimed ranter Maureen Ogle talks about her book Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer.

4. Simple & Fancy Homemade Lemonade Recipes

When life gives you lemons make lemonade! A simple way to make tasty traditional lemonade, and herb infused lemonade for those fancier days.

5. Summer Fruits That Will Keep You Healthy & Hydrated

Summer a time for picnics, grilling out, and spending time outside with family and friends. For many, some of our best memories are tied to summertime and food.  Here are fruits that will be perfect for your summer memories!

6. July 4th Flag Etiquette: 6 Ways to Properly Display the US Flag

To demonstrate your national pride this Fourth of July, you may want to fly the U.S. Flag. But take note, as there are plenty of rules and regulations to follow if you want to right do by Old Glory.

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