Infinite Guest: It's A Podcast Network, Not A Dessert Topping

1. ‘Why Do You Always Write About White People?’

How can you write about people who aren't like you? Should you even try? Sherman and Jess take this question head-on, and read from their attempts to do so. With special guest Erica Dawson.

2. Snikt, Sploorp, And Other Weird Sounds We Make

Mike would like to talk with you about snikt. And sploorp. And butcher some French while he's at it. The visual representation of sound in comics is today's subject.

3. The Death Of Underground Hip-Hop

Open Mike Eagle loves underground hip-hop, but he also killed it. So did Gilbert O'Sullivan and other Napster users, as he notes. Mike also welcomes fellow traveler Blockhead to the show to talk music and the New York City school system.

4. The Rebirth Of Marlon Brando

This is the story of how, with two movies shot in 1971, Marlon Brando turned his career around, spent his regained celebrity capital on an act of social activism, and put Hollywood's culture of self-adoration in its place.

5. Chris Kluwe Talks About Going From Punter To Protester

Author/activist/punter guy Chris Kluwe chats with John Moe about what he does now that he's not punting, and Yahoo!'s Dave Brown talks about the baseball playoffs and the 2014 Kansas City Royals.

6. Have A Dinner Party With Pharrell, Carrie Brownstein & Fred Armisen

This week: Portlandia duo Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen open up about hot-tubs, underwear, and weddings ... Music multi-hyphenate Pharrell Williams explains his 'exotic rainbow' of 'Happy'-ness ... Danish electro-pop phenom Mø spins us a party playlist... author Cari Lynn tells the tale of a NoLa birthday party of ill-repute... How the grandest experiment in scientific history speaks to our common humanity ... Brendan tests out a musical instrument kids will actually want to practice (and eat) ... We pour one out for Broadway's biggest flop ... The Brian Eno of Druids ... And boogie humor.

7. Have You Ever Had Buffalo Milk?

Sruthi Pinnamaneni on buffalo milk, Maria Elia on Greek cheese, Jolie Kerr on cleaning, Melissa Daka on wine, The Perennial Plate.

8. The Taco Salad Is Disrespectful

There are salads in Mexican food, but the taco salad is not one of them. Also: The vinaigrette status of Pati's ancho chile vinaigrette is disputed.

9. Have A Battle Of Wits With: Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Anna Kendrick with Sara Watkins and Dan Wilson

Zach Galifianakis reveals his secret ambitions, Ed Helms plays an original song, Anna Kendrick co-owns of a very different kind of casino, and Sara Watkins and Dan Wilson knock out the crowd with beautiful harmonies.

10. Who Owns That Joke?

Comedian Carlos Mencia is notorious for stealing other comics’ jokes. But he’s never been sued—in fact, there are almost no lawsuits in comedy. On this episode of Life of the Law, what the law means to comics, and what they do when it can’t help them.

11. Robyn Miller And The Story Of Myst

In 1991, a group of five programmers gathered around a computer. They wanted to create a new kind of game that would tell a new kind of story, pushing technology to its limits. This week, hear the story of Myst on Top Score.

12. A Discussion On Tipsy Hockey Players, Unwanted Attachments, and Lauren Conrad

Lizzie is wooed by a tipsy hockey player, Dan cops to an etiquette faux pas, and a salute to Lauren Conrad.

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