Have a Crafty Christmas

1. Amy Sedaris Judges a Listener Craft Contest

Amy Sedaris returns to pick the winners of our Cheap Craft Contest! Listeners have submitted photos of their crafts made with found objects and things they already have on hand, and people have used all kinds of materials—from popsicle sticks to wine corks to old socks to plastic shopping bags. Amy Sedaris will share her holiday craft ideas and explain how she chose the winning crafts. Winners will receive a signed copy of Amy's new book, Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People, and a Leonard Lopate 25th anniversary tee-shirt!

2. A little chutney, a little knitting, & a marathon

A lovely recap of host Martine's current projects. She shares some ideas for Christmas preserves, as well as some knitting and sewing inspiration. Finally, she details her mental and physical preparation for an upcoming marathon. So go on, join in - share the handmade love and celebrate the sheer joy of making stuff. Show notes can be found at www.imake.gg.

3. Thrifting & Repurposing for Gifts

Is it taboo to give someone a thrifted gift for the holidays? I would say a thirfted gift is actually more thoughtful than a store bought gift. Blogger and DIY expert The Nester from TheNester.com joins me to share what to grab and what to avoid in thrift stores and how to find the perfect gift for someone on a limited budget.

4. Tis the Season for Knitting

This year I have a lot for which to be thankful - including for all of you! Enjoy your family time this holiday season. This episode, I discuss: Christmas Stripey socks for me, Halloween Socks for Carlos, Denali Socks, June's Favorite Cardigan, and knitting a Batman Hat for my nephew. Enjoy!

5. The Cat in the Hat

This episode has, amongst other things, actual cats in various hats. The secret project - The Golden Skein - is revealed. There is an update and a review of a patterned yarn dyeing workshop at Purl City Yarns. Wippin' Piccadilly is back with a disappointing lack of progress on all fronts and there is my favourite pattern pic since the Movember episode. Enjoy!

6. Sashiko, a Mystery Quilt, & Coneflower

A bit about Sashiko and why I love it. Keyfobs in the hoop. Playing with leather. My coneflower class and thread sketching used as quilting. Participating in a Kimberly Einmo Craftsy workshop - a new mystery quilt with new Robert Kaufman metallic fabric. Creating a wedding guest memory quilt.

7. Christmas Wreaths & Picking Trees

Join host Mort in this episode as he describes an array of holiday wreaths you can easily make at home. And he offers some words of wisdom when picking the perfect Christmas tree for your home. The Magic Garden is a weekly gardening show that's all about indoor gardening, outdoor gardening and lawn care. Enjoy!

8. Kid-Friendly Giftable Activities

With so many fantastic gifts and ideas to choose during this holiday season it's getting even harder to choose the right gifts and not choose too many gifts. Part One: Crafting your simple holiday season. Part Two: Craft your holiday traditions. Paper Crafts: DIY Paper Mache Bowls. Comments always welcome here in the shownotes or via feedback on Raisingplayfultots.com/feedback.

9. Scrapbooking in Asia

This week we’re talking about scrapbooking in Asia! Tips for creating an authentic, Asian-influenced scrapbook for the perfect someone.

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