5 Ways To Raise The Perfect Puppy!

1. Getting Ready for Your New Puppy or Dog

Getting a new dog? You'll need a few things, and we're not just talking collars and leashes here. Find out what equipment and supplies and what household negotiations should precede the arrival of your dog.

2. The Best Things to Do for Your Dog

What is there besides socialization, housetraining, exercise, good food, and veterinary care? The Dog Trainer has 4 more important ways to look out for your dog’s well-being.

3. What to Look For in a Puppy Class

Puppy classes can help you socialize your puppy and learn about how she communicates. You'll get puppy rearing pointers as well. Learn what a good puppy class can do for you.

4. How To Read Your Dog's Face

How dogs communicate with their eyes, mouths, and facial expressions.

5. Should You Punish Your Dog?

5 reasons why punishment isn't a good way to train your dog

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