2013 Stitcher Award Winners

1. Best Overall Show: The Joe Rogan Experience

Duncan Trussellis a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast The Duncan Trussell Family Hour Christopher Ryan, Ph.D. is a psychologist, speaker, and author of New York Times best seller Sex At Dawn.

2. Best New Show: What Say You?

Heigh ho, Heigh ho. It's off to work we go. Sal and Quinn take you along for their commute.

3. Best News + Politics: BBC World Update: Daily Commute

Kids climbing on art / Vodka killing Russians / Threats to freedom in Turkey

4. Best Business + Finance: APM: Marketplace

Amazon wants to use unmanned "drone" aircraft to fly products to customers in 30 minutes or less. It sounds great, but how realistic is the proposal? Next, the administration says the front end of healthcare.gov is up-and-running, so now developers will start to focus on the back-end connection to the insurers. Finally, a gauge of the global economy: The purchaser’s management index in most countries is up…but only just. It’s evidence of a nascent recovery in the global economy, but political unrest in some countries, combined with the prospect of tapering, has some economists worried.

5. Most Original Show: Welcome to Night Vale

Twice-monthly community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements from the Sheriff's Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events. Turn on your radio and hide. Welcome to Night Vale. (Produced by Commonplace Books. Written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. On Twitter as NightValeRadio)

6. Best Science + Medicine: StarTalk

Science Fiction meets science fact as Neil deGrasse Tyson and Eugene Mirman explore time travel, warp drive, force fields, transporter beams, parallel universes and Dyson spheres.

7. Best Interview of the Year: WTF with Marc Maron, Episode 353 - Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters explains to Marc how a hand-made sound board altered the course of his life. That sound board is the focal point of Dave's documentary Sound City and it guided him through some of the pivitol moments, like recording Nirvana's Nevermind and playing with Paul McCartney. This episode is sponsored by Ting Mobile, Audible and Yo La Tengo's new album Fade.

8. Best Comedy: Comedy Bang! Bang! The Podcast

Award-winning (sleepwalking) comedian, author, and filmmaker Mike Birbiglia makes his second appearance along with intern Gino Lambardo on todays bonus Bing! Bong! Comedy! Mike tells us about his new special My Girlfriends Boyfriend and focusing on a...

9. Best Storytelling: The Moth

A health scare changes a couple's relationship.

10. Best Technology: Pocketnow Weekly

Fingerprint scanners are all well and good, but what happens when someone decides to lift that print for his own nefarious purposes? Benchmark results are important to some folks out there, but what good are they when major manufacturers repeatedly cheat the system? And the rumored HTC One Max looks to be a beast of a device ... but what exactly it being built to compete with? Those are the highlights from the news of the week and letters from the listener mail bag for the week ending October 4, 2013. All that -plus Brandon Miniman's first thought thread in quite some time- awaits you in the ninety minutes ahead on episode 064 of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast.

11. Best Entertainment + Pop Culture: SModcast >> Hollywood Babble-On

Recorded live at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on 9/13/2013.

12. Best Investigative Reporting: NPR: Planet Money

Today's show is the final installment of the Planet Money T-shirt project.In all, each shirt cost us about $12.42. We open up the books and explain how that breaks down & how much went to cotton, how much went to the workers in Bangladesh, and how much went places we would never have imagined.

13. Best Games + Hobbies: Good Job, Brain!

Pooping, peeing, puking, and plummeting - this *uplifting* episode sure got things covered. Rise to the top and touch the sky with trivia, quizzes, and stories about aerial matters: what is believed to be the worst airplane in history, the wondrous nature of bird poop, the hair-raising history of window cleaners, clouds and the atmosphere, and some real a-hole birds.

14. Best Society + Culture: Slate's Culture Gabfest

Slate.com's cultural critics Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner debate the week in culture, from highbrow to pop.

15. Best Music Commentary: NPR: All Songs Considered

On this episode of All Songs Considered, NPR Music's Stephen Thompson stops by in his 1984 Dodge Omni to pick up hosts Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton for a trip down Memory Lane, revisiting artists they discovered years ago.Stephen's most recent Good Listener column asked the question: "How do you get your parents into new music?" The gang talks about the dynamic of sharing music between generations, which prompts Stephen to play a cut both he and his mother love: Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car."

16. Best Lifestyle + Health: Savage Lovecast

Do bisexuals need a new label? Dan interviews Salon writer Anna Pulley on bi nomenclature. Listen in as Dan convinces a mother to leave her conservative, bigoted church because of their anti-gay views.

17. Best Educational + Learning: Freakonomics Radio

Being green is rarely a black-and-white issue -- but that doesn't stop marketers and politicians from pretending it is.

18. Best Sports Commentary: NFL: Around the League Podcast

A room full of heroes -- Gregg Rosenthal, Marc Sessler and Chris Wesseling -- previews Week 17 action. With the postseason race at a fever pitch, the ATL crew goes through all the playoff scenarios on the table around the league, delivers its final hero picks and even offers up its selection for Referee of the Year.   Join the conversation on Twitter: @NFL_ATL or #NFLATL and help the heroes by nominating them for the 2013 Stitcher Awards.

19. Best Food + Wine: The Alton Browncast

TV Host and Foodist Alton Brown reviews recent food news, chats with celebrities about their culinary passions, takes calls from listeners, and basically does whatever he flippin’ wants for 45 minutes.

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