Top Episodes of The Week

1. The Middle of Everywhere

Chicago has given the world more than sausage, crooked politics, and Da Bears.

2. I Was Just Trying To Help

Stories of people doing the noble thing and stepping up to help, only to find out that others think what they're doing isn't helping at all. Planet Money looks at a charity that's decided to just give people money, and a sheriff in California devises a plan to let farmers grow weed — as long as they register with him.

3. Ian McCall on Joe Rogan

Ian McCall is an American mixed martial artist competing in the flyweight division.

4. The Charity That Just Gives People Money

GiveDirectly is a charity that just gives money to poor people. The people who get the money can spend it on whatever they want. They never have to pay it back.

5. Eddie Pepitone

The always hilarious Eddie Pepitone is finally on the podcast! They talk about the best way to defend your house against robbers, riding in cars with comedians and his documentary The Bitter Buddha!

6. Truckloads of Arrogance

Social fragmentation, gold finger print reader, spinning with the techno set, and more.

7. Guide to Parenting

Andy introduces a guide to childcare. Warning, not safe for children.

8. How one family went bankrupt spending $100,000 on Beanie Babies

A documentary filmmaker tells the story of how his father's obsession with the plush collectables cost the family everything.

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