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Show Info: This season we'll talk with wardens, politicians, City leaders, The Nay sayer's, Mayor's, and most importantly YOU...and talk about things not anyone wants to talk about - Recidivism, Racism, Juvenile Justice and the corruption of the Justice system, Black LIVES matter?? of course but so do all other lives... that is just a few of the topics.....See, We scream for change but fail to admit change is necessary....Before Change can occur we must first acknowledge that change is needed. People say a "Nation" are OKAY....NO we are far from okay....Justice has become deaf, blind and dumb. We lock people up to punish instead of correct...We shove people into rehabs but don't change their thinking...We tell ourselves that if we ignore ...maybe whatever it is will go away... it NEVER does... it gets worse. Join us as Matthew and his team take on tough guests, ask the tough questions and will demand straight answers. Call in or just listen LIVE during the show -- listen LIVE through Facebook, our website, or Blogtalkradio's worldwide network Join us every Mon at 8pm CST on "Skin DEEP Theology"

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