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Show Info: Tuned to Yesterday Podcasts Tuned to Yesterday Broadcast Schedule Decades ago, WRVO began broadcasting old time radio with a small collection comprising twenty reel to reel tapes. Programs like The Whistler, The Jack Benny Show, Fibber McGee and Molly, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, and Gunsmoke. Today the collection includes nearly 5,000 reels and well over 16,000 broadcasts.In 1970, Ellen Robinson, an old time radio enthusiast, joined several clubs that circulated classic radio shows on reel to reel. At that time, she offered to allow WRVO to make copies, and our collection grew. By the 1990s WRVO possessed approximately 7,500 programs. This bolstering of our audio archive reached an unprecedented level when WRVO listener Ted Nettleton donated his collection of over 1,000 tapes – everything from comedy and mystery classics to operas and old movie sound tracks (and we mean the entire tracks!). Within these two collections are thousands of well known programs and hundreds of.

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