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Show Info: My name is Chad and Welcome to the What's Your Work Podcast, A curiosity podcast where we talk about your work and what you do. Share a funny story or vent frustrations about a coworker that gets under your skin. Or if your job is super secretive and you don't want to talk about it, we'll talk about your work of passion. Gaming, Books, Movies, Podcasting.... what ever it is we'll dive into what every you pour your time into. In the first episode EP0 I take a quick run through my own questions and ramble on about my life and history. Segments include **The 5 Minute Break. Where we ask a few set questions one for the Work side and one for the Passion side... what ever side or both you like to talk about more. **Fave Five. where we talk about your fave.. BAND, MOVIE, COMIC, TV SHOW, and FOOD....and why its your fave. **The Mix Tape. What are 4 Songs for a mix tape that you would like to hear durning the day..or you would like to give to a co worker (this could get ugly!) if too personal it could also be for a loved one or child....I'll air snippets of the selected songs and we talk about why you chose these 4 songs in particular. If you want to get in contact for an interview or to ask questions, please feel free to contact us at....WhatsYourWork@gmail.com and on Twitter.....@WhatsYourWork.

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