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Show Info: Hosted by Alana Helbig, Untangled is a collection of soul stories from women (and men) who have consciously untangled themselves from the shackles of the current paradigms to live a life of truth – their truth. We take a deep-dive into their soul journey, exploring their soul awakening, how they remembered their soul gifts and learnt the language of their soul. This series is for you if you’re ready to: + Explore what's possible when you tune into your innate soul wisdom and lean into the magical flow of your soul path. + Be uplifted and inspired by those who are consciously walking the path of their soul. + Reconnect back in with yourself, your gifts and the truth of who you really are. + Be held and supported as you navigate through the light and the dark, the mystery and the clarity, your soul awakenings and dark nights - all inevitable parts of soul journeying. + Learn how to stay centred, grounded, awake and open-hearted in a heavily sedated world. + Be part of a movement of women supporting each other to untangled themselves from the expectations and labels placed upon us by old belief systems and paradigms. + Discover how we can create balance and healing for our planet through connecting back into ourselves and offering up our soul services.

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