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Show Info: Untangled is a captivating collection of unscripted free-flowing and deep diving interviews. Together we adventure into the lives of soul wanderers and visionaries of this earth. Women (and men) who have consciously untangled themselves from the shackles of the current paradigms to live a life of truth – their truth. Laying down all the masks, armour, judgement and pretence, through honest story-telling and personal enquiry, we explore her soul story, what has come before and where she is now. How she dances through the light and the dark, the mystery and the clarity, the soul awakenings and the dark nights. How she has learnt the language of her soul and remembered her soul gifts. How she stays centred, connected, grounded, awake and open-hearted in a heavily sedated world. The soul wanderer archetype and her role in today's society. Creating balance and healing for our planet through connecting back into ourselves and offering up our soul services.

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