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How to Craft, Communicate and Cash In On Your Personal Story

2 days ago64 minutes

"I was being wheeled off the field to my 7th knee surgery and I was looking up in the crowd thinking, 'I may be going to prison.'" That's what it took for our next guest to shift his dreams away from the NFL. Like me, football was his passion growing up.  He took his dream all the way to the top where he spent 4 years with the Houston Oilers. As our next guest on the School of Greatness left the field that day, and decided he was going to be the best stage actor in the world and star in his own show on Broadway! WHAT?! Yeah. Thank you for downloading Greats. Please welcome, Bo Eason, the master of teaching The Power of Your Personal Story. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or TuneIn The School of Greatness Podcast "When I was 9 years old, I had a dream... so I drew up a 20 year plan." (Tweet) In This Episode, You Will Learn: After becoming world class at tackling people, Bo decided to go to Broadway and express himself in an entirely new format How Bo was drafted in the first round of the NFL as the first safety from UC Davis, a division II school The story of meeting Al Pacino, and what he said on becoming the best "I'm moving to New York City, I'm going to get up on the stage and express myself." (Tweet) A single strategy for becoming the best in the world at anything Why big rooms are so important to Bo's events Why Once Upon a Time is the most dangerous phrase in language"Surrender to the pace of being the best." (Tweet) The omnipotence of storytelling The number one talent that the greatest leaders in the world have What constitutes a compelling story: This is my background These are my dreams This is where I'm headed How to use personal defining moments to inspire the audience into your world view Even if you don't think your personal story is worth telling, how to see the power in it Why to start at the lowest moment and work your way to victory for successful story telling How to blow people's minds when they ask, "What do you do?" The biggest cause of being ineffective when speaking or storytelling The key to building organizations through co-creation Plus much more..."There is nothing more intoxicating than co-creation." (Tweet) Exercise for Identifying your Defining Moment: Think of the greatest moment of your life. Get that out of your mind. That's not a good story. Think of your lowest moment. The one you don't want to tell. The one you're ashamed of. That's the one you want to share. That'

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