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Why Silver Sucks: Lessons on Second Place and Self Worth with Shawn Johnson

4 days ago86 minutes

From the age of 3 she worked herself to the max, trained at the gym daily, went to the olympics and left it all on the floor.  She ended up winning three silver medals and one gold at the 2008 Olympic games. What an amazing accomplishment... right? At the awards ceremony, standing on the podium, the presenter gave her the silver medal and said, "I'm sorry." Not, "congratulations on getting the silver medal, it's an incredible accomplishment!" Instead, she had people feeling sorry for her loss. At first she was baffled.  But with each Silver earned she grew accustomed to it. "Silver sucks." What she did next became a defining moment for her. Thanks for downloading and listening to another inspiring episode with Olympic gymnast sweetheart Shawn Johnson. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or TuneIn The School of Greatness Podcast "I talk a lot about the silver medals because it kind of has defined my life." In This Episode, You Will Learn: The surprising society response to a Silver Medal Olympic performance The value of winning and what happens when we achieve it What caused Shawn Johnson to be so incredibly driven Exploring the difference between those who win gold medals and silver medals The amazing story of her gold medal performance How she gave a great performance even when she knew she already lost Wisdom for the perfectionist - learn to let go "Center yourself around people that can openly see the things that don't serve you and help you with them." Shawn Johnson's daily rituals for success What Shawn is most grateful for today Plus much more... Continue Seeking Greatness: Pick up a copy of Shawn's Amazing book, Winning Balance Connect with Shawn and Hire her to Speak: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Did you see the first episode with Shawn Johnson? Music Credit: More Than a Feeling by Boston (Love and Light Remix) "Silver sucks." Did you enjoy the podcast? What's the biggest thing you took away from this episode?  Have you found yourself frustrated in the past for getting second place in sports, business or life?  What did you do about it?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below and be sure to let Shawn know what you thought over on Twitter @shawnjohnson.  "People don't understand that the public isn't accepting to a bad day."

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