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Episode 014: Fantasy Football C.D. Carter

1 day ago131 minutes

Episode 014: The Fantasy Coach Podcast Fantasy Football Edition:  Daily Fantasy Football Strategies Featuring Denny Carter (@CDCarter13) of About My Guest: C.D. Carter is a journalist, author of various novellas, and fantasy football writer for XNSports,, and The Fake Football.  He's also a contributor to The New York Times.  He is also the author of How To Think Like A Daily Fantasy Football Winner available on and in your Kindle Stores.  Denny is also the owner of Draft Day Consultants Inc. Episode Summary:  Denny and I talk about how he is able to divide his attention among all of the different outlets that he writes for.  I also ask him about his most recent work.  We talk at length about his new book about Daily Fantasy Football.  We also discuss 80's slasher movies.  Fun stuff people!       Episode Breakdown: Intro We get to know Denny and talk about the various sites he writes about fantasy football for.  We discuss his new venture at Draft Day Consultants Inc.  We also discuss his podcast Living The Stream that he co-hosts with J.J. Zachariason of NumberFire. News and Notes:  David Wilson cleared, Bishop Sankey and the RBBC rumor, Vernon Davis's hold out and slide in ADP, Andre Johnson's showing up to camp on time, Aaron Dobson starts training camp on the NFI list and Rob Gronkowski is cleared, Jamaal Charles with the world's shortest hold out. Denny's All Equity Score Team at XNSports Denny's New Book:  How To Think Like a Daily Fantasy Football Winner and some of the highlights that deal with daily fantasy football strategy. The Coach's Office:  Surprise questions from the audience. Let's go top the movies:  Denny and I discuss the timelessness of Friday The 13th and other classic slasher flicks. Outro   You can Download this episode as well as the previous three on Itunes and Stitcher Radio. Thank Yous For Episode 014:  I want to thank Denny Carter for coming on the podcast and discussing his approach to daily fantasy football and regular fantasy football with me.  The slasher movie talk was just an added bonus.  I would also like to thank C-Quel for providing the intro music as well as the outro beat.  You can Find all of C-Quel’s current music available here.

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