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This is what adventure sounds like. Writer Fitz Cahall presents stories from unclimbed cliff faces, wind-swept ridges and the people who call the mountains their home. Listen to over 25,000 radio shows, podcasts and live radio stations for free on your iPhone, iPad, Android and PC. Discover the best of news, entertainment, comedy, sports and talk radio on demand with Stitcher Radio. more
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Mother's Have it Hardest

Jul 2530 minutes

"I remember really quickly going from, 'Wow, I'm home, this feels great', to, 'Holy s***, what did I do to my mom'?" says alpinist Kyle Dempster. "And that was the first time I saw how truly difficult it is for mothers." Today, we bring you two stories--one from Hilary Oliver, and one from Kyle Dempster and his mother, Terry--about the struggle of loving anadenturer. The struggle between loving them so much that you don't want to see them hurt, and loving them so much that you want to support them in pursuing their dreams--in doing the things that make them them.  This story was originally inspired by one of Kyle's blog posts by the same name. You can find more of Kyle's writing at You can find Hilary's writing at CLICK HERE TO LISTEN  

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