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Self-Publishing And The Bookstrapper’s Guide To Book Marketing With Tucker Max. Podcast Episode 193

5 days ago54 minutes

When an author and entrepreneur who has sold over 3 million books puts out a book on marketing, you know you have to learn more! Tucker Max on the show today. In the intro, I talk about the introduction of pre-orders for indie authors on Amazon KDP, already available on iBooks and Kobo. I've used it immediately, so you can now pre-order my next book, 'Business for Authors: How to be an Author-Entrepreneur,' all the links here ( I also thank my new backers of the show through Patreon ( and explain a bit more on how that works.. This podcast is sponsored by Kobo Writing Life (, which helps authors self-publish and reach readers in global markets ( the Kobo eco-system. You can also subscribe to the Kobo Writing Life podcast ( for interviews with successful indie authors. Kobo’s financial support pays for the hosting and transcription, and you can now support my time on Patreon ( ( Max is a multiple New York Times bestselling author with over 3 million books sold. He’s also a serial entrepreneur, running a publishing company and a marketing business, as well as other ventures. His latest book is “The Bookstrapper Guide to Marketing Your Book, Creating a Bestseller by Yourself. (” You can watch the interview on YouTube here, ( listen above or on the podcast feed on iTunes ( or Stitcher (, or read the transcription below. We discuss: * ('s early experiences with rejection in the book industry and how he built a platform online, transitioning to being an entrepreneur and moving into the publishing business himself. * Why professional publishing is so important * Why some people still perceive a stigma of self-publishing, but readers

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