THE COGNITIVE RAMPAGE with Author ADAM LOWERY, aka The Podcast Counselor, Mental Health Counselor and Mental Trainer

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Show Info: (TCR) The Cognitive Rampage Podcast with Adam Lowery "The Podcast Counselor" Email Adam what you're dealing with and he may address it (anonymously) on one of the Monday Mental Training Episodes. Send Adam your story: We also reveal the phoenix from the ashes stories of many Unsung Heroes (relate-able people-single moms, working folks, parents) as they tell us not how they got rich or in shape, but what they experienced, what and how they created their change, their Cognitive Rampage! When we are not trying to help others, TCR is enthusiastically chasing competence for and with you through human connection, conversation and sharing. We interview deep theoretical minds that aim to change our world, human perception, knowledge and research. I aim not only to reveal the knowledge of the guests for our cerebral growth, but to discover what experiences, moments and stories cultivated the present person. Sharing my life, and others' life stories, ponders, methods, beliefs and tools. Humbly questioning self, others, and the world for optimization, growth and revelation. The intention is to extract the marrow of the mind and launch the guest into their Cognitive Rampage! Subscribe to be notified when we go live! My name is Adam Lowery, and I hope you're taking care of you! At this point in my life I happen to be an author, a trained mental health counselor providing mental training to high performance athletes, the host of this podcast who is sometimes referred to as "The Podcast Counselor" who happens to be an enthusiastic treatment reformer. I am also the Founder of Dollar Mental Health Club, the Athletes Depression Diagnosis, Transrational Structure Behavior Theory and The Tribe of Change. The Tribe of Change is a cerebral social media group that embodies what it means to hunt competence, question the norms, and self for authentic revelations. Together we are changing the way we move and grow in this world. Find us and ask to join! THE COGNITIVE RAMPAGE BOOK I am currently finishing up the 2nd Edition of the book, “The Cognitive Rampage, a dose of authentic revelation revisited releasing Jan 2017”. The 2nd Ed. includes revised sections and theoretical expansion. For those that do not know, the 1st and 2nd editions are based in the application of Transrational Structure Behavior Theory (TSBT). This is an integrative and all-inclusive psychological approach to life optimization or change based in the cognitive, behavioral, environmental.

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