COGNITIVE RAMPAGE with ADAM LOWERY, mental health author, counselor, speaker, film maker, entrepreneur and retired roughneck.

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Show Info: TCR PODCAST: We are passionately and enthusiastically chasing competence through human connection and sharing. Adam aims not only to reveal the competencies of the guests, but to discover what experiences, moments and stories shaped the life philosophy and cultivated the person behind the wisdom. The intention is to extract the marrow of the mind and launch the guest into their flow state…their Cognitive Rampage! The host of TCR, Adam Lowery is mental health Author, trained mental health Counselor, pronounced Speaker, passionate Podcaster, cerebral Film Maker, treatment and addiction Activist. He is the Founder of Dollar Mental Health Club, a wellness group changing the way you take care of you, and The Tribe of Change, a social media group, together changing the way we move and grow in this world. Adam shares openly his life, as he transparently lives in a Cognitive Rampage. THE COGNITIVE RAMPAGE BOOK: Do you believe there is truth? Are you really ready to question self? Others? The world? Do you want lasting change? Are you ready to reveal your authentic self? Change is only “hard” if you perceive it to be. If you want to change, or optimize your life, discover your passions, learn how to make choices in life easy, reduce toil, anxiety, depression, regret and shame while you cultivate who you really are, or if you simply enjoy being challenged, then this book is for you! This method can also be applied to eliminate any addiction. Food, work, bad relationships, social status, and even self-sabotage can be addictions creating SYMPTOMS of anger, drug abuse, depression and anxiety. This book and method treats the person, not the symptoms. This is just the beginning of your mental training. Stop saying you have to find yourself. Go look into the mirror. There you are! Now that you have found yourself, it is time to use yourself again. Your authentic self. This book collides the latest cognitive, behavioral, structural and social psychology and science today. Giving you customized techniques and applications for the “how to”, not just “why”. This is a framework for you to build your authentic change, not empty words of motivational spin. The Cognitive Rampage is based in science, not fluff. Your choices will individualize your own authentic path through this contextual journey. This book is an experience. A path of words to help you unleash your desired change, to build a yearning for the challenge and competence. Only then will.

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