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Using Data to Help 125,000 Couples Get Pregnant and The Future of Wearables [Tech In Boston #12]

Aug 732 minutes

Gina Nebesar is VP of Product and Marketing at Ovuline, a company in the health tracking and wearables space that uses data to help couples conceive faster and have healthier pregnancies. Since launching out of Techstars Boston in 2012, they’ve collected 40 million data points from 700,000 users, integrating with apps like MyFitnessPal and devices like Jawbone UP and Fitbit. Gina leads product development, which means she makes the decisions on what apps they build and why, handling everything from marketing research and design all the way to delivering the product to the app store. Before Ovuline, Gina founded Automatic Apparel, a vending machine startup that sells anything from earphones to underwear out of high-tech vending machines located in train stations, gyms, and airports (there’s currently one in South Station and one at Logan Airport). Her background in industrial engineering led her to a job at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems before attending Harvard Business School. In this episode, Gina talks about: -How Ovuline has helped 125,000 users get pregnant (and a crazy stat: every three minutes, someone gets pregnant with the help of Ovuline). -Why one of the most important marketing tactics in the consumer space is navigating the maze of the iTunes app store. -What the future of health tracking and wearables will be. -Why she thinks there’s big opportunities in Google Glass, especially in healthcare. -How she’s helping to get more women into tech and engineering, and Ovuline’s internship program for high school girls. -Why the best networking happens over beers and Mario Kart. -How one of the best things she’s done for her career is finding a person in similar role at another company to share ideas and get advice from.

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