Star Trek Wars: Reviewing The Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, & Enterprise every Podcast

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Show Info: Every Podcast we review an episode from ALL 5 Trek shows, starting with the Series Premiere and moving in chronological order, with 3 very unique judges and co-hosts. Jeremy is the resident Trekkie, a fan since birth. Gina, his wife, provides a perspective from a female and very analytical side. Finally there is Connor, representing the 12 year old kid in all of us. Each week we We debate, discuss, celebrate, and sometimes ridicule 5 Trek episodes but its all in good fun! Each Trek episode is given a rating from 1-10 by the judges, the podcast counts down from the lowest episode of the week to the highest! Fun Facts and Audio clips for each episode, Plus Pros & Khans, and fun audio segments like the Technobabble quote of the week, Out of Context of the Week, the Unnecessary Bleep of the Week, and much, much more! So come along with us as 3 very different Co-hosts determine once and for all which Star Trek was the greatest!

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